AMPHOS 21 (Spain)
AMPHOS XXI Consulting S.L. is an SME that provides scientific and technical consultancy services to address a range of environmental issues mainly associated with the management and disposal of radioactive and hazardous wastes, contaminated groundwater and soils as well as environmental planning and management. To this aim AMPHOS 21 counts with a team of highly qualified professional specialized in scientific and technical disciplines as well as on social sciences. AMPHOS21 has been contributing to R&D in European projects since the 1st FP. It has wide experience in coordinating research projects with a high number of organizations in Europe, like the EURATOM FP6 projects Integrated Project FUNMIG (with 51 partners and more than 20 associated organizations), Coordination Action OBRA (with ten partners) and FP7 Collaborative Project RECOSY, besides being WP leaders in other European projects. AMPHOS21 will support the Project Coordinator (Ciemat) in the overall administrative management of the project and thus, will work closely with the scientific and technical coordinator CIEMAT. In addition Amphos21 will contribute to the WP6 on dissemination.