DIALOGIK (DIA) (Germany)
DIALOGIK is a non-profit institute organised in the legal form of a limited company. Employing mainly discursive methods of investigation, DIALOGIK conducts systematic research into communication processes and interactions between politics, economy and civil society. In a world characterised by a plurality of knowledge and values, communication and co-operation among and between societal actors gain more and more importance and are in particular essential for social debates on technology, environment, and health and consumer protection. Here, controversial views about how to deal adequately with opportunities and risks often lead to fruitless manoeuvring, endless debates and often blockades between the relevant social forces. For these risk-sensitive fields of politics, DIALOGIK develops implements and evaluates innovative forms of communication and new methods of participation and co-operation. The objective is to find new pathways for improving the governance of society’s valuable resources, be they natural, economic or social. DIALOGIK analyses the various forms, instruments, effects and potentials of communication and cooperation at the local, regional, national and trans-national level. The research team has special expertise in social scientific approaches and is familiar with most methods and advanced techniques of qualitative and quantitative social research. On the basis of sound empirical evidence and theoretical knowledge, DIALOGIK contributes to a purposeful culture of mutual communication that suits the needs of its customers and society at large. As a non-profit institute, DIALOGIK provides knowledge and expertise to all interested parties and makes its research results public. DIALOGIK is exclusively financed by external funds. DIALOGIK projects are funded by the European Commission, federal ministries and authorities, and public and private foundations. DIALOGIK has built up an active network with partner institutes in many European countries, the USA and Japan.