SYMLOG is a private, non profit-making research body. Founded in 1982, SYMLOG has conducted much research and development work in the area of technological and natural risks, with special emphasis on public perception and participation, and providing support to institutional and organisational decision-making. SYMLOG has carried out qualitative studies for a number of large international public and private institutions. Work includes analysis of public communication in risk management, study of public risk perceptions, and evaluation of institutional risk regulation systems. Methods used include interviews, focus groups, content analysis, large surveys, and social value inventories. SYMLOG personnel have participated in many ministerial or international expert groups. SYMLOG has acted as partner or subcontractor in a dozen EC part-sponsored research contracts or coordinated actions (FP4-7) and as work package leader in six of these. Recent SYMLOG work has included a project on pension reform as part of the EC Programme on Improving the human research potential and the socio-economic knowledge base; the preparation of a guide and bibliography on stakeholder engagement for the OECD; participative studies on local adaptation to climate change-related coastal vulnerability, and, in the context of COWAM (Community Waste Management) projects, stakeholder seminars on "Implementing local democracy" and "Integration of inclusive governance findings".

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