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Policy Addressing Climate Change and Learning about Consumer Behaviour and Everyday Life

Project information

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PACHELBEL project has been funded with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of PACHELBEL project and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union


The active involvement of policy makers all along PACHELBEL life will indeed guarantee the policy relevance of the project developments and practical results. A set of policy makers from all PACHELBEL countries will be dynamically involved in the project since its very beginning, through the project lifetime (attending to project meetings) up to its very end (participating in the two project workshops).

Policy makers will mainly interact at the national level but will also contribute at the more EU and international level. The Policy Makers Committee will also interact with the Scientific Advisory Board to further promote knowledge brokering and the best use of available knowledge.

At this stage of the project the following institutions are actively participating, or have shown interest in collaborating in the near future:

Barcelona City Council [Agenda 21 Technical Office & Barcelona Energy Agency]

The Barcelona City Council is divided in six government areas, one of which is the Environment area, which includes several municipal services: “Waste Cleaning and Management”, the “Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens”; the “Beaches of Barcelona; the “Barcelona Energy Agency”; the “Barcelona Sustainable Resources Centre” and the “Agenda 21” initiative. This last service is carried out by the Agenda 21 Technical Office, a technical body formed by environmental experts that is dedicated to promoting sustainability in the city. On the other side, the purpose of the Barcelona Energy Agency is to promote Barcelona as an exemplary city in the handling of energy matters and their repercussion on the environment. Accordingly, the Agency works to endow the city with optimum standards of use and management of local energy resources through consensus and participation, and to promote a rational sustainable energy demand that is marked by its quality.
United Kingdom

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